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The Third Law is a procedurally generated physics and experimentation game, developed for the VRFirst Lab with CryEngine. Players take on the role of the world's first scientist, a wizard who seeks to understand the generated rules of their constructed world, and how to manipulate them. Using nothing but empirical science, and their own power of observation, users are tasked with diagnosing the properties of objects they recover. Light might control gravity, color might control heat. Each experience and physical set of laws is different for each user, and each user learns in the process about the core of scientific research: experimentation, theory, and observation.

A user might find something to create denser rails, perpetual motion, and instigate a railroad system that can connect village to village. A user might find that an ancient orb they've recovered destroys toxins in the water when exposed to purple light, and develop a water purification machine to give to communities in the game world. In each experience, the player serves as the catalyst and forefront of technological development in the world, and effectively writes the principle work on that world's physical law.

While primarily a sandbox game, superficially similar to Minecraft, The Third Law offers a chance for anyone of any age to learn about both the history of technology, and the basics of empirical scientific methods. The game is fully diegetic, with users writing down their own observations and notes.

Additionally, native VR support is provided, and users of VR technology will be able to discretely observe more specific processes and details about the world around them, which will help them in their quest for knowledge.

Prototype will be available soon. It requires HTC Vive + controllers.

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