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The Ritual, is a Virtual Reality Stealth/Horror Game where you are partially a demon, but can still be killed by humans. You were kidnapped by a newly formed cult where they wanted to use you for a human sacrifice. Since they are new to the spell world they messed up and gave you partial demonic powers instead of killing you. You must battle your way to the leader and defeat him in order to obtain the spell book and change yourself back into a human.  The main challenge is that you are still part human so bullets to your head and body are still very fatal and one bullet can kill you. Use your environment to protect yourself and kill enemies, you are able to throw objects with abnormal force so each object can kill enemies in one hit. The Main Objectives are to find the two keys to unlock the room to the cult leader(boss) kill him and use the spell book to make your final decision. Will you return back to human and return to your family as planned  or will you choose to become all powerful?


Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers


L/R Triggers to grab objects

Left Stick to move

Right Stick to Rotate

Hold Left trigger to Sprint

Press A for Ghost Scream


Install instructions

Download the Zip folder and select the Exe file to play the game.

NOTE: you must have Unity installed in your machine in order to run it and must have and Oculus Rift VR head set and 2 Oculus touch controllers


The Ritual Alpha.zip 248 MB

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