A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Marauder Wolves is platformer game about Two Warriors Facing off against Monsters in a Post Apocalyptic World.

New levels, updated World map, and Multiplayer will be available May 19th, 2017.

This game was created for a class project in about 2 months. All Artwork, Sounds, and Music was done by 4 very talented design students in Poland.

Click on the Purple character button to select character

Controls A and D to move left/right.

Space to Jump.

Mouse click to fire.

Esc to Pause game.

Credit to the following people:

Magdalena--characters' and monsters' artwork with animations.

Marta--Hud assets and character gif animations.

Wiktoria--Background artwork.

Agniezka--Music and Sound effects.

Benjamin K--Game story and design.

Michael R--Programming

Brandon S--Programming


The Marauder Wolves Final.app.zip 147 MB
MW Windows.zip 144 MB

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