A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Rogue World is a battle for humanity against an alien force. Explore a tunnel system while fighting enemy aliens armed with only a gun and knife. Defeat the aliens, solve puzzles, and find secret rooms, all the while exploring this underground maze. At the end of the tunnel is the final boss, the ultimate weapon created by the aliens. Defeat it and save humanity. This is Rogue World.


  1. right click: shoot
  2. left click: melee
  3. wasd: move
  4. hold shift: run
  5. mouse wheel: switch weapons
  6. space: jump


mac or pc computer, keyboard and mouse


Rogue World PC.zip 125 MB
Rogue World OSX.app.zip 128 MB


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The shooting is sometimes unresponsive.
The gun shoots slightly right of the cross hair.
The melee attacks are too slow.
The boss has a lot of health, and his rock attacks are deadly OP.
There aren't enough ammo to kill the boss, please add more ammo to the levels.