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The objective in Riotous Space Brawl is to protect the player's home from invasion. The player would do this by defeating bosses at the end of stages. The player proceeds through a stage of the game, shooting down enemies along the way, until they reach the end of the level. Upon arriving at the end a boss will appear and the player destroys them.

Genre: Space on Rail Shooter.


  • Oculus Rift (CV1 or DK2).
  • Wired Xbox 360 controller.


  • Press A: Shoot
  • Press LB & RB: barrel roll
  • Left Stick: Movement
  • Start: Menu/Pause


Game Designer: Ian Kindall

Developers: Elias Gomez , Alfredo Cortez and Michael Vargas

Both Elias and Alfredo are seniors at California State University Monterey Bay. They were in charge of implementing movement, enemy attacks, environment and mechanics. They also implemented model and sounds assets from the art team.

Art Team: Joanna Saleta, Katarzyna Kubicz, Piotr Gierlotka & Dawid Stobik

Sound Design: Aleksandra Olsowka

Musicial Composer: Martin Wierzbicki


RightousSpaceBrawl_1.1.zip 368 MB

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