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In a world of swords and armor, you chose the different path to glory with the bow and arrow. A difficult journey indeed...or it would have been if not for your SPECIAL ARROWS AND TRAPS!!! Show just how awesome Rangers are when an enemy army of knights come knocking at your castle walls while your own are away hunting. Protect your castle gate long enough for your reinforcements to arrive using your traps, arrows, and magical arrows that places traps. Those enemy knights are wearing their prized heavy armors that, while making them impenetrable from your normal arrows, makes unable to see and avoid your traps! Now defend your castle and prove the world that Rangers are just as good as Knights, if not even better!


Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers


Knock arrow to bowstring: Hold Right Trigger on Bowstring

Release arrow: Release Right Trigger

Change arrows: Press A button


RangerDangerVR.zip 123 MB

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