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Between is a atmospheric puzzle game that uses cooperative play to engage two unique players within a mystical and science fiction world. Through VR immersion, players will experience the transition of life and death alongside their closest companion.

Players will take on the roles of a young girl and a dog. Together, players must use resources around them and their contrasting actions to solve a puzzle blocking their path. In this demo level, the players’ objective is to find a way out of the house in order to retrieve an object in town for their mother.


Two Oculus Rifts and Touch Pad Controllers

Compatible on Windows, Mac & Linux: Standalone


Lead Game Designer: Cassandra Slack   

Lead Art Director: Cassandra Slack      

Level Designer:  Gerardo Hernandez

Illustrative Designer: Viridiana Gallardo

Sound Designer:  Zobeyda Chavez, Noah Thompson

Programmers: Noah Thompson, Emily Turnage, Harlan Cheer

Texture Artist: Noah Thompson

Install instructions

Requires Unity to play


BetweenDemo.zip 86 MB

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