A downloadable Rhythm

How to play the game : 

- First when you arrive on the menu, you can click on several button (play, settings, exit)

- Settings, as his name suggests, allow you to modify some parameters in the game such as the volume. (You can also click on the credit button which allows you to be prepared for a unforgettable moment)

- If you click on exit, you'll obviously leave the game

- If you click on play you will see all the maps available

- Each button has also a back button to return in the main menu

- If you click on one of those maps the map chosen will launch and the game will start. To play, you have to touch the buttons that appear in front of you. Not only you need to touch them, but you need to touch them at the right timing in order to gain points to get the better grade possible. More precisely, you should touch them when the approach circle is as close as possible to the center circle in order to get more points. Otherwise, if you miss some circles the life bar you possess will decrease to reach 0 and then you will fail the map. Then if you fail or pass the map at the end you have the choice between restart it or go back to the main menu.


ShakerHead.zip 111 MB