A downloadable game for Windows

Have fun with Cube VR, a challenging 3D puzzles in VR!

In the game, you, the player, are stuck in a rubik-like cube. Your objective is to get out. But initially, there is no exit.   

Controls and navigation:

You can walk on walls and ceiling - all directions are relative. But that is not enough: to escape the cube, you must  change an arrangement of its walls. You can do that by rotating faces of a 3d minimap of the cube-world that you hold in your right hand. To rotate the face of a 3D minimap cube and with it, the face of the cube you are stuck in  put the yellow cursor attached to your left hand into the face of the cube, and squeeze the left Oculus Touch index finger trigger.


In addition, the interactive 3D minimap indicates your position (you are represented as the yellow capsule) in the cube system and the location of passages leading to other cube rooms. If the passage is red, it is blocked. If it is green, it is opened. To open a blocked passage, rotate the cube's face so that two passages align with each other, thus becoming passable. 

Please note that this is an emergent game system with procedurally generated levels. For now, it is entirely possible that the level generated for you is impossible to complete (e.g. there is no passage into the exit cube). If that happens, restart the game.


Once you are done playing, please fill up the playtesting survey - it will help us develop the game:



CubeVR.zip 67 MB